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 Bakugan Academy RP (Year of 2011-2012)

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PostSubject: Bakugan Academy RP (Year of 2011-2012)   Fri Dec 09, 2011 5:52 pm

For the truly gifted in Brawling, Bakugan and Brawler alike enroll here and all sorts of crazy adventures occur!
Role Playing Rules: No playing as teachers. Follow the administration instructions. Leave if kicked out. Ask to play before playing. Etc.
Players: dragofan010
Classes: Math, Reading, Language Arts, Geography, Elective Class
Elective Classes to choose from:
  • Gym
  • Art
  • Foreign Language
  • Band
  • Piano
  • Technology
  • Typing
  • Home Ech.
  • Orchestra

NOTICE: all first year students may either take a wheel consisting of the classes in red or the class in blue for the entire year. The wheel goes Gym for a semester, Art for a quarter, and a Foreign Language for a quarter. Any order you choose.
Dorms/Teams: Pyrus, Haos, Aquos, Darkus, Subterra, Ventus
Pep Rallies: Every month there is a Pep Rally where a member from each team (each Dorm chooses how they decide to) enter a tournament for a special prize chosen by the principal for the entire team. Meanwhile, the school does other activities with each dorm for something different.
Sport Games: All dorms get their own team and at the end of the season vote on a VIP for a school game against a rival school. To get in, you must have at least a C on average in their total classes.
Honor Role: Invited if a GPA of 3.5 or higher (classes go up to 4.0, no higher). Each 4.0 gets their own honrable mention.
Detention: An hour long and a temporary removal of Extra-Curicular activities.
This may change at any time during the "school year"
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Bakugan Academy RP (Year of 2011-2012)
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