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 Life Force Rules

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PostSubject: Life Force Rules   Fri Dec 09, 2011 4:02 pm

Okay, since there's no official rules on this version, I'll go ahead and make one for brawlers to use shown below.

  • Three (3) Bakugan of your choosing
  • 5 Gate Cards
  • 5 Ability Cards
  • Up to one (1) support piece

Starting a Turn:
  1. Each player sets one gate card.
  2. The challenger goes first, rolling a Bakugan onto a card (or missing).
  3. Play progresses
  4. When a battle commenses (no Critical KOs, double stand wins, etc.), do the battle like a regular game, just with the one who landed on the card first starts if they want.
  5. When the battle is finished, that Gate Card is removed from play and replaced by one card of it's owners by their choice (their own pile). Subtract the winning G-Power by the loosing G-Power (or if on a lowest G-Power wins card, loosing by winning). Subtract that number from the Life Force of the loosing player (starting at 500LP and continuing down)
  6. When 1 player hits 0, they lose.

When in a tag team, 1 v.s. 1 v.s. 1, etc.:
  • Everyone looses their respective amount of points. No "splitting"
  • For teams, everyone on the winning team wins, even if one person is defeated
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Life Force Rules
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