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 Partnering Site: Bakugan Community 2 - The Second Era

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PostSubject: Partnering Site: Bakugan Community 2 - The Second Era   Thu Jan 05, 2012 1:18 pm

Bakugan Community 2 - The Second Era
BakuBrawlers, Forumotion is glad to announce an official partnership with the website at the link above! At MyBakugan2.forumotion, you can join in for a list of activities, including
[list][*]Bakugan Events (on the site)
[*]Official Partners lists to see many other BakuPartner sites
[*]A help section with sections for
  • Your own suggestions
  • Administration Contact
  • and tips from their very own Baku-Sensei!

[*]Random Role Playing
[*]Fan Art/Fiction
[*]User-friendly Polls/Surveys
[*]Bakugan Reviews
[*]General Discussion,
[*]And random conversations of other anime, including
  • Beyblade,
  • Pokemon (PokeFarm),
  • YuGiOh,
  • and Transformice!

Basically, it's the resurrection of the original, but with more things to talk about on there than the original! So, why don't you go there and check out the site for yourself!
WARNING: You need to make an account on the site above because it is at a different address than this site.
Brawl on,
the BakuBrawlers administrators
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Partnering Site: Bakugan Community 2 - The Second Era
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