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 We Need More Active Members

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PostSubject: We Need More Active Members   Sat Dec 31, 2011 11:58 am

The Bakugan Community went downhill and so is this site at this point. So, to try to convince some people to invite others to join, we're opening up a new forum section: Anything you Want!

That's right, "Anything You Want!" Everybody who joins this site as of New Years Day and was sent an invite from someone to join BakuBrawlers forums can send me a PM saying that they were invited by {Insert Username Here in the PM} to join the site. Then, I'll place those users in the all new user group "Inviters." That user group will be the only people aloud to post in the all new "Anything You Want" section (including Admins, Mods, etc.). You can post anything in this section, even different Anime!
Just remember: no violence, foul language, etc. in that section. Everything else (like different anime/TCGs) can be posted in the section.
As a reminder, anybody who is found with two active accounts will have the new one deleted by an administrator and the original banned. You cannot make a new account after that and cannot make a new account so someone else will get access to this section. No sharing accounts to get to this section. Anything breaking these rules will result in disciplinary action.

Thanks for reading, the administrators!
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We Need More Active Members
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